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Bestowing a dignified opulence to any bedroom

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Blending the finest materials, a variety of stitching techniques of impeccable embroidery to create sumptuousness for the discerning client who demands and expect the very best.

Benefits of Guzel Dezayns Bedding

100% Breathable Cotton
Our cotton is pure, natural and breathable. There are no other fabrics woven into our cotton. It has the ability to transfer moisture away from the skin — on a hot day the cotton will absorb the heat allowing a cool feel — on cooler days, it provides warmth.

Our strategy is based on providing luxury at affordable prices.

Thread count 800
Having a thread count of 800 means that the construction of the fabric is stronger which makes it more durable. In the long run this saves on costs. The quality of cotton used coupled with the 800 thread count provides a feel of total softness and smoothness.

Cotton is ideal for those prone to allergies and skin irritations. The body does not react adversely to cotton as it might to other non-natural materials. Cotton is a hypoallergenic fabric.

Our designing is all carried out in house and is uniquely designed for Guzel Dezayns. For an added touch of luxury, we use button enclosures on all our duvets and pillows.

Modern Look
Classic silver and gold tones threads on a white, ivory and silver backgrounds provides a modern touch that can suit any style of contemporary furnishing.

Care Instructions
Simple instructions with no complicated wash methods. Our products are both machine washable and Dry Cleanable. Our products have been laundered over 52 times on a household washing machine to prove quality measure.

Quality Control
All products are inspected at every stage of the production process to meet our standards which are higher than the required European quality standards.

Comparison Products
We aim to provide an unrivalled product.

We endeavour to supply the products as soon as possible and will aim to provide an exceptional service befitting the quality and in establishing the brand. We provide a next day delivery and ship goods as soon as we can. A Gift Box Service is also Available, where we carefully box gifts to make them more special and save customer’s time.

Bed Linen Size Chart- (CM)

 Bed SizesDuvet CoversFlat Sheets
Single 90 x 190cm 140 x 200cm 180 x 200cm
Double 135 x 190cm 200 x 200cm 230 x 275cm
King 150 x 200cm 225 x 220cm 275 x 275cm
Superking 180 x 200cm 260 x 220cm 305 x 275cm

Pillow Size Chart- (CM)

Standard 50 x 75cm

Bed Linen Size Chart- (Inches)

 Bed SizesDuvet CoversFlat Sheets
Single 3ft x 6ft 3" 55" x 79" 71" x 108"
Double 4ft 6" x 6ft 3" 79" x 79" 91" x 108"
King 5ft x 6ft 6" 89" x 87" 108" x 108"
Superking 6ft x 6ft 6" 102" x 87" 120" x 108"

Pillow Size Chart- (Inches)

Standard 20" x 30"

Anatomy of our Product

Fabric Composition
All our bed linen is made from 100% Cotton. This is durable, easy to launder and long lasting. It is renowned for its natural breathability and cool feeling.

Fibres-Long Staple Cotton
At Guzel Dezayns we only use Long staple Cotton because it produces the longest, strongest and finest cotton fibres.

The longer fibres make a stronger and finer yarn and produce exceptionally smooth and masterly weaves.

Ply- Single Ply
We use a single ply yarn to produce the finest and strongest threads for our products. This is only spun from long staple cotton. Many companies use Multi Ply Yarns which are weaker fibres that are twisted together to create a false strength.

Supreme threads-120 Yarn
We use 120 yarn threads. This relates to the number of twists per square inch. The higher the count, the more luxurious and supreme the quality. Most companies use a 20, 40 or 60 yarn count thread. We use the maximum yarn count thread for our supreme quality, look and feel.

Thread Count- 800
Thread count relates to the number of threads that are woven together in a square inch of fabric. You count both lengthwise (warp) and widthwise (weft) threads. As you increase the thread count the fabric becomes softer and more opaque. Many companies create a false impression of thread count by not only counting each thread but each ply spun together within each thread.

Finishing- Imperial Sateen Weave
Our luxurious collection is made from a Sateen Weave. This is more tightly woven and heavier than other weaves which results in a fabric with a silky soft feel and lustrous look. Woven with more left threads on the surface, the construction of the weave is generally four yarns over, one yarn under.

The Embroidery
All our embroidery is done on Multi Head Embroidery machines. The thread used are all tested for colour fastness and fading. The intricacy of the embroidery is created by weaving over seven hundred thousand stitches per design and with great attention to detail. The embroidery borders are approximately 10 cm in width. The embroidery is carefully set to sit on top of the bed.

The Production Process

We only work with ethical companies and individually visit factories to find the right partners, who shared our core values and ambitions. We are very selective and only enlisted those companies that showed significant concern and sensitivity towards environmental issues. Only those that used the most advanced waste water treatment plants and non-hazardous chemicals were considered.

Hand Picked Cottons
We have spent time to understand the process to hand pick quality cotton on the fields, and understand how cotton is picked and selected.