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Reviving the Iconic cotton Industry into Luxurious Embroidered Elegance

My Journey

Born in a small industrial town in Lancashire, a county that was once a dominant textile industry, I was brought up with the surroundings and influence of the then thriving cotton industry.

As a child, you would be drawn to its mystique. The fascination would grow with the school trips to the mills and the learning of the processes involved in the manufacturing of cotton.

I developed a charm for the product with much of my spare time devoted to creating designs on cotton fabrics and working with fabrics. However, my interest in the design field took a back seat when I was given the opportunity to take up a career in the financial services sector.

Having spent 15 years in Banking, working with corporate firms, I took the decision to leave a career that I loved to raise a family. With my family now older, I now have the great opportunity to develop my childhood passion.

With that, I decided to go back to my roots by reviving this iconic trade to reflect my passion, my affinity with simple but eloquent designs and my appreciation of luxurious quality. To that end, I set up Guzel Dezayns in 2013.

The Production

I embarked on a mission to find ethical companies and individually visited factories to find the right partner who shared my core values and ambitions. It was a struggle but I got there. I was very selective and only enlisted those companies that showed significant concern and sensitivity towards environmental issues. Only those that used the most advanced waste water treatment plants and non-hazardous chemicals were considered.

From spending time to understand the process to hand pick quality cotton on the fields, to spending time at the factories, to putting pen to paper to create my own designs, I took care to get all aspects needed right so that my high end luxurious embroidered bedding would not be compromised.

Core Values - Chemical Elimination

An important consideration for me when selecting yarns and other raw material was to ensure that chemicals were eliminated as much as possible at every stage of the production process.

Therefore, all my products needed to be at a minimum, OEKO TEX certified.

The OEKO TEX Standard 100 is an independent testing and certification system for textile raw materials, intermediate and end products at all stages of production. Products are tested for harmful substances including testing for illegal substances, legally regulated substances, known harmful (but not legally regulated) chemicals as well as parameters for healthcare.

The requirements for OEKO TEX exceeds existing national legislation in the UK, but I felt this was a pre-requisite for my business and my standards.

All components of my products comply with the required criteria without exception, including the outer packaging, threads, labels and buttons.

My Collection

My collection comprises three different colour palettes consisting of white, ivory and grey.

These neutral colours were deliberately selected on the basis of modern designs. Each will suit individual modern day requirements and help in creating the perfect relaxing environment.

Each of the white, ivory and grey collection is complimented with classic silver and gold tone threads to give an elegant look and also a backdrop for contemporary furnishings. These tones mixed with other complementing threads offer an elegant choice for any bedroom’s décor.

My entire range comes with a minimum 800 Thread Count finished in Sateen. This, combined with the quality cotton, gives a feel of ultimate luxury.

The Design

The designs are simple, yet creative and elegant. Stylish and sophisticated looks are best achieved through simplicity. My goal is to transform any bedroom into a designer haven with my range of luxurious embroidered linens.

The Embroidery

We work with a team of skilled artisans who develop and produce our designs with luxury in mind. The intricacy of the embroidery is created by weaving over seven hundred thousand stitches per design and with great attention to detail.

Social Accountability

We ensure that we only work with firms that have environmental safety systems to ensure that all products used do not contain harmful substances. They have been selected on the basis of their advanced treatment plants.

We are dedicated to driving improvements in responsible and ethical business practices in our supply chains. In our commitment to minimising the environmental impact and reducing our carbon footprint we have looked at ethical practices across the supply chain.

We work with firms that provide a pleasant, nurturing and growth orientated environment which encourage employees to be highly productive.

Benefits of Guzel Dezayns Bedding

100% Breathable Cotton

Our cotton is pure, natural and breathable. There are no other fabrics woven into our cotton. It has the ability to transfer moisture away from the skin - on a hot day the cotton will absorb the heat allowing a cool feel - on cooler days, it provides warmth.


Our strategy is based on providing luxury at affordable prices.

Thread count 800

Having a thread count of 800 means that the construction of the fabric is stronger which makes it more durable. In the long run this saves on costs. The quality of cotton used coupled with the 800 thread count provides a feel of total softness and smoothness.


Cotton is ideal for those prone to allergies and skin irritations. The body does not react adversely to cotton as it might to other non-natural materials. Cotton is a hypoallergenic fabric.


Our designing is all carried out in house and is uniquely designed for Guzel Dezayns. For an added touch of luxury, we use button enclosures on all our duvets and pillows.

Modern Look

Classic silver and gold tones threads on a white, ivory and silver backgrounds provides a modern touch that can suit any style of contemporary furnishing.

Care Instructions

Simple instructions with no complicated wash methods. Our products are both machine washable and Dry Cleanable. Our products have been laundered over 52 times on a household washing machine to prove quality measure.

Quality Control

All products are inspected at every stage of the production process to meet our standards which are higher than the required European quality standards.

Comparison Products

We aim to provide an unrivalled product.


We endeavour to supply the products as soon as possible and will aim to provide an exceptional service befitting the quality and in establishing the brand. We provide a next day delivery and ship goods as soon as we can. A Gift Box Service is also available, where we carefully box gifts to make them more special and save customer’s time.